the last day of the before times «

13 mar 2020 » day -1 for me & the kids; day -4 for TheWife

we’d been watching the news, and we knew the kids’ spring break was going to be extended forward and that this would be their last day of school for an unknown length of time.

we’d given the girls the option of staying home if they wanted, but they both elected to go in to see people. at the last minute, i had the idea of making up a bunch of small slips of paper with Ms13’s contact info so she could hand it out to people who might not have it.

i drove the morning school carpool for Ms13 and the other two kids in our carpool. i dropped them off and then on my way back through downtown, i stopped at Archive — my usual morning routine. in addition to my usual latte, i got a bag of beans and a gift card (and left a good-sized tip in the jar).

over the course of the day i ended up making several grocery store runs — pretty much every time i’d get home and unload, i’d remember something else i wanted to get. eventually, i got everything i thought we’d need to hunker for a week or two.

the only other event of note: we had dinner out at La Margarita, per our usual friday routine.

(written 2020-03-28 as part of setting up the site.)