happy birthday to TheWife « covid.house

27 mar 2020 » day 13 for me & the kids; day 10 for TheWife

a very bittersweet birthday: we were meant to be in a vacation house on the coast to celebrate her 50th. instead, we’re home, and had essentially no time off at all. but we’re all healthy and we’re settling in for the long haul and that’s what matters, right.

another spectacularly unproductive work day that started off with a barrage of calls that kept me from figuring out what my plan for the day was — which i finally got around to thinking about around 5pm. on the plus side, i know what i need to fix and i have some ideas about how to do that. i just need to actually try some of them.

one of the calls was with a local friend about ways she can reduce the overhead of outputting html and pdf versions of some documentation. that was fun, more of that sort of thing, please.

we used our last pork butt to make crockpot carnitas for tacos, and baked a frozen marionberry cobbler for dessert. after dinner we watched a single episode of “The Repair Shop” before everybody turned in.

lunch: leftover pizza, heated up in the oven

dinner: crockpot carnitas tacos, beans, marriorberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream

(written 2020-03-28 as part of setting up the site.)