tgi what day is it again «

16 apr 2020 » day 34 for me & the kids; day 31 for TheWife

woke up around 1am, just in time to get tweet blamed for …something. eventually managed to drift back off.

back up around 0630 for breakfast and et cetera. again we stepped outside a bit before 0820 to listen for the noise; again, the noise did not happen. new theory: the noise, even though it sounds like it comes from outside, is actually coming from inside the house, and we can’t hear it outside the house. tomorrow, one of us will step out but the other will stay in.

out to my office around 0900. unremarkable day. did a spot of hacking on the side project, trying to get things cleaned up. i’ve got authentication working but it’s all ugly and i hate it.

quiet evening. mostly reading on the couch.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: sandwiches