fired thursday «

14 may 2020 » day 61 for me & the kids; day 58 for TheWife

slept in a little bit. woke up in a cranky mood, and the first hour or so of being awake only intensified that.

had one work obligation. took care of that and called a mental health day.

spent most of the day finishing the core of PROJECT APOLLO, and then starting to scaffold out the api for it. got to the “well i guess it’s authentication time, which means it’s database time” point right at the end of the day. even with oauth handling the grottier parts it is still a pretty grotty process; i hope i don’t have trouble getting a head of steam back up to work on it again tomorrow.

oh, also finished the background noise-rewatch of PoI, so i guess i need to find some new background noise.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover chicken soup, bread with roasted garlic