sunday shave «

17 may 2020 » day 64 for me & the kids; day 61 for TheWife

stayed up far too late last night and slept in for far too long this morning as a consequence. generally lazy morning.

during my shower, i shaved my quarantine beard back down into my usual goatee. i’d gotten super shaggy, so it took a bit of time to get it all off. thought about removing it all, but after the efforts of just getting the sides to look presentable, i had run out of shaving fucks.

had some lunch and then tried to take a nap. was prevented from actually falling asleep by the dog barking, the dog getting yelled at for barking, the dog eating things out of a trashcan and then been chased, the 'hood turkeys gobbling outside my bedroom window, and, finally, a significant hailstorm followed by quite a lot of thunder. fuck you too, universe.

after i gave up on the nap and got back up, i migrated out to my office to finish my weekly review. stared at PROJECT APOLLO for a bit but neither my heart nor my brain were in it. gonna need to force myself to buckle down to write the database layer.

after dinner, started working on migrating Ms17 over to her new hand-me-down phone. ended up needing to clean up her old phone and remove a bunch of photos, so i could upgrade it, so the data transfer to the new phone would work. it was the typical apple experience of “this is great when it works but gives you fuckall to go on when it fails”.

kinda not looking forward to the week ahead, but i’m not sure why.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: sandwiches