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24 may 2020 » day 71 for me & the kids; day 68 for TheWife

got up around 0900. lazy morning. for breakfast, had some bacon that a friend had dropped off a few weeks back. it was really good bacon.

worked on weekly review stuff until around lunch time, and then went out and started spring cleaning in my office: i shut everything down, uncabled (almost) everything, dusted, cleaned, wiped, and generally cleaned all of it, and then put it all back together, cleaning up the cabling along the way.

one of the reasons i wanted to do this was to get a chance to clean out the inside of the linux server that sits under a desk in the corner. it had been getting progressively more and more noisy, and i had a theory it was due to dust bunnies in the case.

my theory was wrong: it was getting more and more noisy because of the two seized-up case fans. once i got it opened up, i found they wouldn’t spin at all, and one of them was partially falling apart. i’ve yanked them out, and the server is much quieter now — i just wonder how long it’s going to be before it lets the magic smoke out due to lack of cooling.

might be time to get another rpi or two going, i guess…

getting everything set back up and put back together took most of the rest of the afternoon and into the evening — and then i figured since i had a bunch of cables strewn about everywhere, it was probably a good time to reorganize the cable storage. that took the whole rest of the evening.

not exactly how i’d planned on spending my entire day, but i’m glad i got it out of the way…

lunch: sandwich

dinner: takeout from epilogue