mondays keep happening «

7 jun 2020 » day 86 for me & the kids; day 83 for TheWife

got overenthusiastic with the snooze button, and didn’t get out of bed until 0730 or so. had a meeting at 0830, so the morning ended up being a bit rushed. kinda felt like that tone persisted for the rest of the day.

work project shipped another on-time release to our partner. whoo. after the 0830 standup, i had a few other calls, and spent some time working on some responses for quotes. also continued to work on marie kondo-ing work’s jira configuration. today i eliminated a few ticket statuses that didn’t bring me joy.

afternoon workout, including stuff i should have done on friday and over the weekend, but didn’t. whee.

round of edits on a draft blog post after dinner, plus getting tomorrow’s dinner prepping in the fridge.

tired; maybe early bed? or maybe finishing the fifth murderbot book…

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover pizza