on saturdays we powerwash « covid.house

27 jun 2020 » day 106 for me & the kids; day 103 for TheWife

slept in until 1000 or so. farted around a bit after that, until lunchtime.

post-lunch, did a bit of powerwashing — mainly cleaning up the greenhouse, but also a bit of cleanup work on the front walk, and the deck in front of my office.

the side of a small plastic, completely filthly, greenhouse the same greenhouse, noticely more clean, almost sparklingly so
pretty sure this is the first time the greenhouse got a real bath…

after i got done and cleaned everything up and had a shower, i took a nap. after that we got some takeaway and had a generally quiet night. ms13 had a virtual girl scout campout, which kept her busy.

lunch: random charcuterie

dinner: buffalo chicken strips with onion rings