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29 jun 2020 » day 107 for me & the kids; day 104 for TheWife

i had some bizarre dreams overnight. of course, i didn’t make any sort of notes when i woke up and my memory has faded. i think it involved a road trip, maybe?

today, Ms13 had a long-postponed appointment to get her braces tightened. TheWife had requested the first available appointment of the day, on the theory that going then would result in the least amount of carry-over crap in the air. turns out, “first available” equals 0730 — so most of the fam was up at at 0600. made for a long day.

while eating breakfast, i realized i’d forgotten to post yesterday’s entry, so i rapidly fixed that. whoops.

once the workday got underway, it was pretty normal. some calls, some qa testing of an app we’re developing, some jira cleanup. the usual stuff.

TheWife and Ms13 arrived back home around 9am. Ms13 was pretty uncomfortable all day, and is probably going to be more uncomfortable tomorrow.

at some point in the afternoon, i started getting cranky. i think it probably had to do with dealing with several of the least favorite parts of my job kinda one after another, but i’m not entirely sure. it persisted into the evening. still vaguely cranky now.

grrr. grrr i say.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: tuna fish sandwich