my hands still smell like rosemary «

10 jul 2020 » day 119 for me & the kids; day 116 for TheWife

slept in until 1030 or so. had a leisurely breakfast, then headed out to do yard work. a small “i’ll just scrape up this gravel” thing turned into digging a 6 foot wide, 3 foot across, 6 inch deep hole, removing some cracked sidewalk bits along the way.

pretty sure at some point somebody pulled up a bit of sidewalk and instead of replacing it, just filled the spot with gravel. fucking former homeowners, i swear. i’m hoping my yard guy won’t mind doing a bit of ad hoc concrete work…

after that, re-powerwashed the back walk again. pulled out some rocks that had been placed on the border of the back walk so things would drain a bit better.

pruned a couple of the rosemary bushes (and seriously, locals, if you want any of that, just holler), and trimmed back some of their …undercarriage. ended up just cutting a smaller one completely out — the main trunk was pretty rotten/brittle.

takeout from epilogue for dinner, and then a virutal/streamed Lucero show. was fun but occasionally annoying due to the stream freezing.

mixed up a new batch of dough so i can bake tomorrow. messed with sourdough starters again; sent in data to the wild sourdough experiment. whee!

solid saturday. pretty sure i’m gonna be a sore old man tomorrow…

lunch: skipped

dinner: west philadelphia from epilogue