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9 aug 2020 » day 148 for me & the kids; day 145 for TheWife

slept in a bit.

Mx13, TheWife, and I watched Frank Turner and his band stream their 2500th show, which was kinda cool. realized after the show wrapped, this was a pretty kickass weekend, really – nice steak dinner on Friday, relaxing day of mostly video games and then watching a movie with the fam on Saturday, and a show today. that’s pretty solid even by Before Times standards!

ended up working most of the day after the show, with a short break for dinner. first it was doing weekly review stuff and other chores, then it turned into reviewing a draft proposal for work and then a couple hours starting to write the Terraform code for PROJECT CATCHUP. got to my first milestone on that right around bedtime, so everything mostly worked out.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: leftover tunafish sandwich