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14 aug 2020 » day 154 for me & the kids; day 151 for TheWife

got up at 0530 to “give” a “conference” “talk” — which was actually a pre-recorded video i made like two weeks ago. i had to be in a chat with the “conference” “attendees” while my “talk” happened. got some decent questions, but overall, i’m thinking i’m gonna dial my conference thing way down until we can get back to doing things in person.

rest of the day was mostly staring into space and pacing in my office, trying to figure out how to organize the massive cloud of PROJECT CATCHUP things. i think i have a decent grasp of the shape of the cloud, but i didn’t make a lot of headway turning that into a nice hierarchical outline of todo items …yet.

mostly quiet evening. tried to introduce Mx13 to Bill & Ted, but they fell asleep partway through, so that wasn’t all that great.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: takeaway nachos from la marg