on the one hand… « covid.house

17 aug 2020 » day 156 for me & the kids; day 153 for TheWife

…it’s good to have a project that i can really dig into and focus on. (that would be PROJECT CATCHUP, naturally.) on the other hand, i need to keep reminding myself this is more of a road race, not a sprint, and i need to pace myself or i’m going to flame out.

on the gripping hand, the thing is scheduled to be launching in early september so it’s not exactly like it’s a marathon at this point, either…

all of which is to say, i have been pleasantly busy for the last few weeks, which is a mostly welcome change, but it’s also why i’ve been shit about posting here in a timely fashion.

sometimes that’s just how it is, in the covid.house.

lunch: pimento cheese sammich

dinner: mozzarella chicken, green beans