csa field trip day « covid.house

25 aug 2020 » day 165 for me & the kids; day 162 for TheWife

mostly normal work morning. noontime meeting, so had a late lunch. after that, drove out to brooks to collect our csa box. it’s only their second week in their first year of running one, so it was a little chaotic, but i still felt pretty safe and unfreakedout. everybody was masked and did a decent job of staying distant, and they had everything as wide open as possible so there was good air flow.

it was nice to get out for a longer drive, although the pandemic seems to have killed any patience i had for traffic.

got back home and ended up taking kind of a lengthy nap instead of getting back to work. got up and immediately went into making dinner.

back to work after that to get in my hours for the day. i finally managed to get my head unblocked on a piece of complex state tracking across multiple levels and combinations of components. went to bed happy.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: chicken tacos, beans