posole day! « covid.house

31 aug 2020 » day 170 for me & the kids; day 167 for TheWife

today, i made posole. from scratch. like, in the morning, there was a pound of dried hominy and three pounds of raw pork shoulder, and in the evening there was a delicious pot full of deliciousness.

this is something i’ve wanted to do for literally like two years, and i finally did it, and it ended up being fucking awesome. (except that i cheated and used ground chili powder instead of making my red sauce from scratch, which is something i’m going to do the next time i do this. which will be sooner than another two years.)

it also consumed far too much of what was osstensibly a work day — but one of the things about working remote is flexibility, and occasionally, it’s okay to exploit that to do something for yourself. or, at least, that’s my story.

i then turned around and worked way too late into the evening on PROJECT CATCHUP, because i had said i would get a particular thing delivered by EOmyD and, by gum, i did.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: glorious posole