virtual friday «

3 sep 2020 » day 174 for me & the kids; day 171 for TheWife

decided to take tomorrow off, so today was effectively my friday.

i have no idea what i’m gonna do — it’s not like, ya know, going somewhere is an option — but it’s been a little bit since i had a day off and i’ve already worked my 40 hours this week and it’s labor day weekend and fuck it.

had a productive day today: knocked down another big chunk of TODO in PROJECT CATCHUP. the whole thing isn’t quite working end-to-end but i think that’s because we’ve had some file formats drift out of sync with what they’re expected to be, or with what they were in the past. should be pretty easy to fix.

next week tho.

lunch: pimento cheese sandwich

dinner: caprese salad; sautéed pseudo-shishitos (they were shishitos but they had the “1 in 10 is spicy” thing); sautéed herbed chicken breast