october, eh. « covid.house

1 oct 2020 » day 202 for me & the kids; day 199 for TheWife

kind of a slow day, really. couple calls. lot of project-level “wranglin’” work — trying to come up with a combination of tools that feel like they provide sufficient support is turning into a bit of a struggle. (and github treating “issue” and “pull request” as effectively isomorphic is insanity and rage inducing.)

we heard back that the earliest we can get a fridge repair appointment is 12 oct. both TheWife and i cracked a little at that, and we’ve decided we going to buy a new fridge and stick it in the basement (there’s really no place above ground to put it.) the fridge in the garage has made this whole ordeal survivable, but we’re both pretty tired of dealing with the logistics.

lunch: pizza

dinner: different pizza. (look, we ordered a lot of pizza and then the damn fridge died and now things are cramped in the fridge we have, so we have to prioritize eating the things that will free up the most space…)