today is the day of days, and so the telling begins «

13 oct 2020 » day 213 for me & the kids; day 210 for TheWife

so, a thing happened today. can’t talk about it yet, but it was personally a pretty huge thing. i’m excited, a little nervous/scared/anxious, and more than a little sad. but mainly excited.

today was tuesday, and tuesday is release day around these parts — so i did that first thing this morning, and then i spent a good chunk of the rest of the day doing release engineering and project managering things. still want to get another couple weeks of this cadence under the team’s belt — in particular, i kinda want to get the first major clusterfuck, whatever that ends up being, behind us — but i’m feeling pretty happy with the groove we’re getting into.

quiet/boring evening. good mood.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: burrito with leftovers from friday’s pork tenderloin feast