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26 oct 2020 » day 227 for me & the kids; day 224 for TheWife

up early for a couple reasons: to get a jump on things, and because i have an 8am monday meeting these days. the good news is that, after that and a 9am standup, i don’t have any other meetings for the rest of the day.

cranked through a few things in the backlog, and otherwise generally got the pieces set up for tomorrow’s weekly release. pretty productive day, overall. also had a new team member start, but they spent most of the day getting HR’d and such, so i didn’t get a chance to talk to them that much. hopefully tomorrow.

horrible political news in the evening, as the republican party completed seating a frighteningly unqualified justice to the supreme court. the next few weeks are going to be exceptionally fraught. take care of yourselves, internet buddies.

lunch: pimento cheese sammich

dinner: pizza