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29 oct 2020 » day 229 for me & the kids; day 226 for TheWife

0730 meetings are the devil’s business, i tell you.

yet another kinda semi-packed day, where i found myself sitting down around 1600 to try to finish up some coding. managed to get a bunch of tricky overlapping stuff all lined up right and merged down, deployed it, round the 2 or 3 spots that were only broken when the code was running as a lambda, fixed those, redeployed to make sure the fix worked, and sent in the pr.

yes, against the stuff i’d already deployed into test …because there’s only production and testing and i gotta put the code into aws to see if it works at all, so here were are. by the time i’m at my desk in the morning, the east coasters should have approved my pr, so i’ll be able to merge it and re-re-deploy (the exact same thing as is there right now) to test, so qa can validate the fix.

man i love software some days, just love it.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: leftover chile