friday the 13th «

13 nov 2020 » day 245 for me & the kids; day 242 for TheWife

woke up to a birb in the attic (which eventually seems to have found its way back out) and a fraud report on our main day-to-day credit card. friday the thirteenth meeting expectations, i guess?

had a ton of meetings today, so it felt like most of the day was either being in a meeting, or waiting for a meeting to start — not enough time to do anything that felt like “real work”. that said, they were all good meetings. stuff got done, things got decided. progress was made.

two weeks into this new thing. still figuring some things out, still getting my feet fully back under me in the new role — but it feels good.

things that don’t feel good: a clusterfuck of a transition process to the new administration. damn close to 150,000 confirmed new cases just today. 2,000 deaths.

feeling like, nationally, it’s all downhill towards hell for the next two to three months at a minimum, and not knowing if we have enough slack in the system to take that.

mask up, friends. no way out but through.