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16 nov 2020 » day 247 for me & the kids; day 244 for TheWife

today was a bit of a thing. due to a combination of factors including partial oversleeping, meetings running long, a new person starting, an ad hoc support request for some data munging, and probably three or four other things i’ve forgotten, i was multitasking 2 and sometimes 3 things at once from around 0800 to about 1300, when i finally got a brief break for lunch.

the afternoon was more of the same — fewer calls, but just as much work.

and then around 1630, i got the news that a local gym — my local gym, as it turns out, the one i’ve been paying monthly fees too despite not visiting them since the end of february — is going to stay open despite the governor of the state recently ordering all gyms to close starting this coming wednesday.

so now, on top of everything else in 2020, i gotta get on the goddamn phone to cancel my fucking gym membership because it turns out my gym is owned by a law-breaking jackass. sigh

leftovers for dinner because it sounded like The Wife’s day was, if anything, even more hectic than mine. officially counting down the 10 days to thanksgiving because if nothing else, that’s a whole four day weekend right there…