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30 mar 2024 » day 13 of my funemployment

We again slept in a bit, then got up and returned to Zucker’s — but a different location, one in Tribeca. We sat in a little neighborhood park and ate; it was a lovely spring day. Afterwards, we walked back over to the train and rode the 5 up to Grand Central, then switched to the 6 and went up to the 77th station. We hit the upper east side Apple store for a power brick for Mr17, then wandered around the southeast corner of Central Park, exiting onto 7th Ave. We then walked to 34th St — which those of you familiar with New York City will realize means that, yes, we walked all the way through Times Square, because Mr17 was interested in experiencing it. I think that, now that he has, he won’t feel the need to do so ever again — so I feel like I won at parenting.

We stopped at a random slice place for a little bit of lunch, and then continued to stroll west on 34th to Hudson Yards, where we got on the High Line, and walked all the way down to the southern end of it. Once we got back down to street level, we walked though Chelsea Market — which was a mistake, it was a mad house. Following that, we took a quick subway ride back down to Battery Park, to grab a quick view at the Statue of Liberty. At that point, we were basically at the hotel, so we went back to the room for a bit of a rest and a bathroom break.

We were both in the mood for a bit of a snack by then, so we walked up to the Sixpoint taproom by WTC and had a little bite. After that, we walked back to the room, chilled for a bit, then went out to a nearby Mexican restaurant. We finished off the night with another Insomnia cookie then hit the sack.

Tomorrow: home!