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13 apr 2024 » day 27 of my funemployment

The rest of the fam headed up to Portland around mid-morning to see Beetlejuice while I hung around home. I woke up with a head full of snot, undoubtedly due to the massive amounts of pollen we’re currently “enjoying”. I had planned to do some work in the yard, but instead I took a really long shower to try to steam out my sinuses a bit, and then going out into the yard and getting grubby felt …silly.

So, instead, I headed back over to the neighboring town, to the other pizza place, to get some lunch. While I was going, it started to rain, so I would have ended up abandoning my yard work efforts anyway — I took the W.

After lunch, I got back home just in time for the Timbers match — a rough 2-2 tie, which they probably would have won if their keeper hadn’t gotten red-carded right at the start of the second half. It was good they held on to the tie. After that, I watched most of a mostly disappointing Thorns match, and then switched over to the Sporting KC match to root against Inter Miami.

The fam got home about halfway through that match, and we ended up getting sushi takeout for dinner, followed by the usual TV/reading/bed combo. I ended up sleeping poorly, again due to the massive ammount of snot in my head holes…