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29 mar 2020 » day 15 for me & the kids; day 12 for TheWife

slept in a bit and then got up and had a lazy brunch, courtesy of TheWife.

spent most of the rest of the day split between Animal Crossing and doing my weekly review routine. kinda trying to get myself back into a “work” mindset, because i expect the week to come is going to be a struggle.

TheWife and Ms13 spent part of the afternoon making masks for the family. i’m glad they’re around and crafty because otherwise, i’d be hosed.

while they were being productive, i took the somewhat stir-crazy dog for a walk around the neighborhood. still quite a few cars going past on our road (which is sort of a shortcut from one side of town to another, so the traffic isn’t that surprising …but still). spotted a jogger, but he turned when he was about a block away from us, so we avoided any awkwardness there. probably should have made a little bit more of an effort to get outside more, or for longer — it was mostly overcast all day, but it wasn’t raining, and the temperature was tolerable. we’ve got rain 8 out of the next 9 days in the forecast…

after dinner, Ms13 and i broke out Unstable Unicorns for the first time. we had a false start and got a few turns in before we realized the two player version recommended pulling quite a few cards out of the deck. we started over properly and had a decent game — but we also we both done after just that one.

finished off my weekly review, did some minor tweaking to all these websites, and had a glass or two of wine while looking into the hellsite. bed around 2230.

brunch: bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits, coffee

dinner: the last of the delivery pizza