back to the grind «

30 mar 2020 » day 16 for me & the kids; day 13 for TheWife

today was my first day “back” from our “spring break” “vacation”. all scare quotes because we didn’t go anywhere, spring break was pretty broken, and there was really not a whole lot of vacation that was had by anybody. and now it’s over and it’s time to go back to “normal”. cough

reasonably normal work day — couple calls, sent some follow-up emails, started digging into a new project i’d sort of been neglecting because of the aforementioned “vacation” — until about 1430, when i wrapped up my last meeting of the day. at that point, i fell off a productivity cliff into a massive k-hole of apathy.

finally emerged around 1700, forced myself through another hour or so of project setup work, and then called it a day.

heated up leftover carnitas for tacos, worked on menus and grocery orders for the upcoming week with TheWife, and ended the evening gazing at the hellsite, as one does.

lunch: sandwiches, chips

dinner: carnitas tacos