no fun friday «

3 apr 2020 » day 20 for me & the kids; day 17 for TheWife

really restless night, because Sammy The Dog was up several times to vomit. progressively less and less output each time, but she was clearly fairly miserable, and we had to keep getting up to clean up after her.

once we got up, TheWife called in to the vet and they asked her to bring her in. she masked up and went over and dropped her off. initial step was an x-ray, which showed …something in her stomach. vet wanted to hold her for observation to take another x-ray later, so TheWife came home and we settled in to wait.

another slow work day — caught up on even more backlogged reading, continued reading my to-be-blurbed book, had a call or two, etc. got word late in the day that a project i’ve been chasing after is probably going to be starting next week, which is great news.

expected grocery delivery showed up; expected wine delivery showed up. we’re ready to keep hunkering for a while longer now. our yard crew came also came through and did their usual fantastic job. having that many people around the property was unexpectedly stressful for me though.

around 4pm, the vet called. the second x-ray had shown whatever had been in her stomach was no longer there. small intestines looked okay too, so shrug. they wanted to give her a bit more IV hydration, and then wanted us to pick her up around 7pm.

we had a kinda early dinner of leftovers, then MrsGenehack headed out for the pickup. puppo was clearly pretty tired and worn out when she got home. looking forward to a quiet night as i write this.

in pandemic news: today was the day the US broke 250,000 confirmed cases and became the clear global epicenter.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: leftover posole