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2 apr 2020 » day 19 for me & the kids; day 16 for TheWife

the world crossed 1,000,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases today, but we didn’t quite crack 250,000 in the US — the JHU map says 245,213 as i write this around 2200. grim milestones.

slept decently, but managed to give myself a pretty good laceration to the pad of my right index finger while slicing up an apple for breakfast. roughly the same spot i cut badly enough to need stitches 3 years back or so. thankfully, the cut was nowhere near that bad this time; i kept a bandaid on it all day and it’s been fine.

brother skunk paid us a visit last night, and both TheWife’s and my office were fairly …redolent this morning. her’s was more subtle and aired out pretty quickly. mine, on the other hand… i just hope brother skunk was only passing through, and not looking to settle down. (and i really hope it was brother skunk and not sister skunk and her brood, like last time.)

overall, had a pretty slow day. couple work calls, couple project manager-y tasks. caught up on some of my “unread pinboard bookmarks” backlog. read four chapters of a data structures and algorithms book i got invited to give a blurb for. thought a bit about a software project. need to think about it some more before i’m ready to start coding it, i think. after dinner, played a little “For The King” with Ms13 before bed.

one item of note: sammy the dog seems to have come down with something, or maybe eaten something that disagrees with her. she threw up a couple times in my office over the course of the day, and only managed to keep her dinner down for about an hour before it all came back up. we’re going to give it a day or so and see if it passes; otherwise we’re going to have to figure out how to manage a vet visit.

tomorrow is going to be a banner day, though: wine club shipment arriving and a grocery delivery. not sure i’m going to be able to sleep for the excitement…

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: various: leftover pasta (Ms17); leftover carnitas tacos (Ms13, TheWife); leftover posole topped with a bit of leftover carnitas (me)