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5 apr 2020 » day 22 for me & the kids; day 19 for TheWife

started the day by getting up around 8am to call the vet clinic to check on Sammy. they let us know that the barium dose had moved on a little bit from her stomach, and she was better hydrated. after that call we went back to bed for a few more hours.

everybody had a generally late breakfast and that sort of pushed everything out a bit further into the day.

i got my weekly review completed. played a couple hours of For The King solo, in my office. took a little bit of a nap. TheWife drove her car around the block to charge up the battery, and then later her and Ms13 took a little bit of a walk. it was a pretty nice day outside, i just didn’t have the motivation to do anything with it.

we had an afternoon call with the vet clinic, where they told us Sammy had been displaying a lot of interest in food, so they gave her something to eat. hopefully she’ll be able to keep it down and it’ll move through her system? plan of attack is still an ultrasound tomorrow, unless things improve.

i’d dry-brined a chicken overnight in the fridge. roasted it for dinner and served with green beans and bread. later in the week, that will turn into another big batch of chicken noodle soup, i think.

brunch: slice of toast

dinner: chicken, green beans, bread