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6 apr 2020 » day 24 for me & the kids; day 21 for TheWife

we started off the day with another vet call. news continued to be good, so we roughed out a plan for fetching Sammy back home later this afternoon.

after that it was off to work — had a few calls, fixed the hell out of the favicon on work’s website, and did more backlog reading. stared off into space for a bit pondering a project.

had a good call with a couple peer-mentors, to talk about ways we’re staying productive amidst the current omnishambles. and we did actually talk about that a little, after we bitched about US and UK politics for 45 minutes or so.

late lunch, then back out to the office to do some sysadmin-y stuff to my server. also read my daily set of data structures chapters and committed a minor bloggery. TheWife headed out around 1500 to fetch the dog, and was back around 1615. there was much rejoicing.

quiet evening after that. it is good to have everybody back home.

lunch: turkey, salami, sopressa, and provolone sandwich

dinner: the last of the leftover posole and a leftover breakfast muffin with butter