worthless wednesday « covid.house

15 apr 2020 » day 32 for me & the kids; day 29 for TheWife

kinda slept in a bit, rolling out of bed around 0730. probably should stop doing that. one of these days.

i note, for the record: there is some sort of mystery noise happening somewhere outside our house, that’s loud enough to be clearly audible inside our house, at around 0820 every morning. it’s weird. TheWife has set an alarm to remind us to go outside tomorrow so we can get a better idea of where it’s coming from.

our master bathroom shower was starting to drain slowly yesterday, which is a thing that happens from time to time. TheWife started working on it after her shower this morning, which meant that i got to bust out the plunger and finish plunging it out before i could take my shower. if you have the option, i can highly recommend not starting your day this way. that said, using a plunger on a floor drain with one hand while leaning over supporting yourself with the other hand is a surprisingly good core workout.

finally into the office around 0930. least productive day i’ve had in quite some time; just could not seem to get on track at all. bit more focus after lunch, but just overall not a great day. tried to convert the side thing i’m working on over to typescript and eventually gave it up as a bad idea. need to try to remember i’m trying to build a thing to have built a thing, not to learn a new language.

ordered delivery from b2 for dinner. super tasty, and we’re better stocked on beer now!

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: carne asada tacos