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14 apr 2020 » day 31 for me & the kids; day 28 for TheWife

rolled out of bed around 0730. one of these days i should really try to shift back into the 0600 wake up time slot…

got out to the office around 0845. had a few work calls, including one arranging the start up of a small new project, so that was exciting. it’s a slow rollout though, as the partner needs to get some things set up on their end before our person can really get down to work. still feels good to start a new plate spinning, especially when things are otherwise moving very slowly in the economy as a whole.

had a 1:1 meeting after that, and then rolled into lunch. TheWife had a meeting at that time, and Ms13 had already eaten, so it ended up being just me and Ms17 at the table. so it goes.

after lunch, there was a grocery delivery — but i was already back out in my office and completely missed the excitement. it was actually a banner day for visitors, as we also had the regular monthly exterminator visit and an amazon prime delivery.

the afternoon was again a bit slower. i got a different project, one that had been moribund for a bit, back up and running, and was able to test some recent changes that had been made to it. hopefully i’ll get some time to dig into that codebase and help with the ongoing clean up that some of my people are doing as a side project.

TheWife had a volunteer board meeting from 1800-2000, so dinner was also a disjoint affair. we’ve reached the point in the cooking cycle where we need to have a meal or two of different sorts of leftovers, so that’s what we had. everybody is still pretty worn out by the time evening rolls around, due to the stress of school starting back up, so it was a pretty quiet dinner.

after, i cleaned up the dishes, and then Ms13 and i played a couple games of fluxx. (i won, 2-0.) then i sat down and slammed out a blog entry about notebooks that’s been kicking around my head for a bit, wrote up this entry, and that was pretty much the day.

time to have a glass or two of wine, look at the hellsite for a bit, and then hit the sack to rest up for tomorrow’s exciting adventures!

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftovers all around: sandwich, pasta, pizza