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19 apr 2020 » day 36 for me & the kids; day 33 for TheWife

rolled out of bed around 0900. TheWife tossed together an amazing sunday breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

spent a big chunk of the day in the office working through my weekly review, as well as knocking out a few back-burnered todo items.

bit of a nap in the mid-afternoon, interrupted by (first) a puking dog and (then) a dog barking her damn head off at something she thought was happening outside. sigh

took a decent walk around the neighborhood in the late afternoon. first time i’ve been off the property in …two weeks, i think? sad to see that the development going in west of us on Salem Heights has reached the point where they’ve cleared out all the trees in the area. it’s super odd to be able to see the horizon to the north along that section of the road, and rather sad to see that the Once-ler has visited our 'hood.

the walk was to think through a thing or two, and following it, i finally got the side project into a reasonable state — i figured out how i want to organize things, broadly speaking, and refactored everything into that pattern. wrote a few tests, even. it’s a bit boilerplate-y but i think i can handle that.

after that, before bed, finished off @scalzi’s The Last Emperox. as is my habit, i’d gone back and re-read the previous books in the series before reading the new one. Kiva Lagos may be one of my most favorite recent fictional characters.

was so preoccupied with finishing off the book that i almost forgot to write this. fortunately, i remembered.

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: leftovers – pizza, in my case