noise mystery solved! «

20 apr 2020 » day 37 for me & the kids; day 34 for TheWife

rolled out of bed around 0700. had breakfast. happened to be checking something in the living room, and then was walking back through the entryway right around 0820 and friends, i was in the right place at the right time and i solved the mystery of the unusual noise! i heard the noise, ran quickly and stuck my head out the door, and realized that it was coming from inside the house …and then i realized it was the automatic feeder in the fish tank.

i must report, my exhilaration at getting to the bottom of this was as immense as it was short-lived.

into my office a bit before 0900. helped review a quote/SOW before it got sent out, reviewed some PRs, worked on the website a bit, had an internal call. not a dramatically productive day but i’ve certainly had worse recently. (plus any day where i get to have a heated discussion with a colleague about whether a document should use ‘e.g.’ or ‘i.e.’ is probably at least an okay day.)

spent some time in the afternoon finishing off a blog post about recipe formats. i made the first notes about that post back in late march, so i’m glad that i finally got it out into the world.

due to a lack of advance planning, dinner ended up being takeaway thai. sadly, TheWife reports that the social distancing and pickup implementation left a lot to be desired, so that’s probably the last takeaway from there for a good while. haz sad now

did the dishes, played a few rounds of fluxx, and then planned out what i’d like to get done tomorrow. couple glasses of wine and the hellsite led me to sleep.

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: take-away thai (specifically, pad kee mao gai, which i had been craving)