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22 apr 2020 » day 40 for me & the kids; day 37 for TheWife

Ms13 tracks the days in her own way
Ms13 tracks the days in her own way

this is our fortieth day in The Isolation.

rolled out of bed around 0730. kinda slow out of the gate today…

into my office around 0930. say it with me: worked on my reading back log, had a couple of calls, worked on the company website. finally finished with the porting of the older blog posts; there’s still a couple that need some tweaking but i’m going to punt that to the authors of those posts.

cooked dinner, or, as i described confessed in a friendSlack, “tonight, in horrible culinary crimes news: the chicken breasts i needed for dinner weren’t totally thawed so i started cooking them, then sliced them up and am now cooking them more to get them to done.”

in total honesty, dear reader, this is something i’ve done before, but only when i’ve discovered i accidentally under-cooked the chicken when i cut it up. this was the first time i’ve done it on purpose and i gotta say: it actually worked out pretty well! cutting the partially cooked chicken was easier than cutting up fully raw chicken, and cooking the slides of the sliced chicken gave a much nicer overall texture to the surface of the chicken pieces.

(i know, i am a monster.)

after dinner, worked on relocating the last few git repos from my home server up into the gitea server in da cloud. getting very close to “done” on that project and it feels pretty good.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: chicken caesar salad