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23 apr 2020 » day 40 for me & the kids; day 37 for TheWife

out of bed around 0700 and into my office a bit before 0900.

i let folks know my work on the company website was ready to be reviewed, and as a consequence i spent about half the day chasing down and fixing various things i’d missed. converted a small chunk of javascript to use vanilla js instead of depending on jquery, which was fun. document.querySelector() is mad dope, yo.

finished more git repo cleanup stuff later in the afternoon. i think that project might be all the way done now? oh, no, wait, i need to file a gitea bug about how the instructions for generating the static content files don’t work as written. then it’ll be done. (update: done and i figured out how to make it work despite the instructions being wrong, go me.)

quiet/slow evening, as one does. should probably pick something new to read…

lunch: sandwich

dinner: posole, featuring some awesome chorizo made by a friend (obtained in an appropriately socially distant way!)