today was canceled «

7 may 2020 » day 54 for me & the kids; day 51 for TheWife

mostly a routine day: out of bed at 0700, in my office a bit before 0900. worked on some maintenance projects. was scheduled for four calls in the afternoon, but three of them ended up canceling for one reason or another. on the one hand: yay, fewer meetings. on the other hand, boo, disrupted schedules make me cranky.

actually, now that i’m thinking back over it, it was sort of a generally low-grade cranky day. hrumph.

big excitement of the day: a local brewery did a group buy of stuff through their food distributor. we don’t currently need for much, but we wanted to support what they were doing …and the one thing we don’t have is “party”-style chicken wings — we just don’t frequently see them in the stores and haven’t been able to get them during lock down at all. but because it was through a distributor, you had to buy quite a bit.

so, as of this afternoon, we have around 20 pounds of chicken wings (which set us back the inordinate amount of $35 – this bulk buying thing is great!). TheWife went and got them around 4pm and i spent 20 or 30 minutes packing them into meal-sized portions in freezer bags. looking forward to having wings once a week for the next couple months…

did a bit of coding on a side thing after dinner. i’ve gone to the trouble of making a sort of project roadmap, so i know where i want to go for the next several bits. now we’ll see if i stick with it, i guess.

early bed.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover pizza, as i had again forgotten to prep the chicken