a marginally better day « covid.house

6 may 2020 » day 53 for me & the kids; day 50 for TheWife

meant to get up super early to do a thing. snoozed through a number of alarms instead, to the great delight (NOT) of TheWife. finally up around 0700.

breakfast (TOAST!), then out to my office for an 0830 standup call. it’s weird-but-good to be back on a project that needs a regular standup call; it’s been a while for me.

after that, i was on and off the phone for most of the morning. had lunch, took a nap (the early morning snoozing was not particularly restful), then pivoted to working on various company infrastructure things for the rest of the afternoon.

after dinner, TheWife had a zoom with a friend, so i went back out to my office and eventually finished up a new blog post. yay me.

lunch: sandwich on the sandwich bread from yesterday. it is okay but kinda dense.

dinner: leftover cheese enchiladas