ugly babies need love too «

19 may 2020 » day 67 for me & the kids; day 64 for TheWife

did not sleep well — took at least an hour to drift off, and then was up at least once in the night. alarm went off at 0600, and i finally got up and got going around 0630.

ate breakfast and headed out the office. took a little time to leafblow the ^$*&%-ing pine tips off the decks and sidewalks so they wouldn’t track everywhere, and then got down to emails and stuff. couple calls. advanced a couple projects.

broke for lunch and a little eye rest, then spent some more time wiring auth and the DAO layer in PROJECT APOLLO together. i’m at the point where i need to start working on a front-end layer because i need somewhere to persist the client side auth token and i don’t want to turn on sessions.

cooked dinner, then did the dishes while TheWife had a friend zoom. baked a loaf of bread, which finished off the current batch of fridge dough. pondering pitching another starter, but given how drawn out the baking process is once the starter is ready to go, i’d be much better off doing that on a sunday…

a misshapen loaf of bread cooling on a wire rack
ugly baby is probably gonna taste just fine

lunch: sandwich

dinner: buffalo wings, corn