re-opening eve «

21 may 2020 » day 68 for me & the kids; day 65 for TheWife

got up and got going pretty well. started off with some technical project managery things and then went into a set of calls. another set of calls in the afternoon. ended up being one of those days where you chip away a bit here and a bit there and then it’s 4pm and what you had marked as your most important stuff for the day is like, “oh, hey, remember me?”

yeah, one of those.

after dinner, busted out the leafblower again to deal with all the fallen pinetips on the decks. (third day in a row, yay spring.) i guess i should be happy there was a pause in the rain that let me get it done…

after dinner, spent some time on PROJECT APOLLO but didn’t make a ton of forward progress. instead spent an hour or two taking it from “this is a giant pile of crap that semi-works” to “this is a semi-organized thing with some sensible structure that semi-works”. basically cleaning and tidying and lining things up neatly next to each other, instead of having everthing all in a messy jumble. next step, i think, is to get automated tests running against the API and start planning out endpoints. whoo, progress.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: the last of the leftover carnitas