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26 may 2020 » day 73 for me & the kids; day 70 for TheWife

woke up around 0630; out of bed around 0700. breakfast and et cetera.

into the office around 0830. ended up being on the phone, on one call or another, from 0930 to about 1215. ate a hurried lunch, then had one more meeting after that, followed by an afternoon of trying to get a head of steam built up, and failing. i guess there’s always tomorrow? on the plus side the one team did ship as scheduled, so i got that goin’ for me.

…which is nice.

delivery pizza for dinner because the adults just could. not. got a boule proofing before dinner and baked it immediately after — i think the new higher protein flour mix is working well.

fresh load of bread cooling on a wire rack on top of a blue dish towel
might be getting the hang of this

i’m also really close to putting the stone back in the cupboard in favor of always using a dutch oven. i think the dutch oven has given me consistently better results every time. or maybe i’ll give the stone one last shot, using the temperatures and timing from the dutch oven? hmmm.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: pepperoni and roasted garlic pizza