a sad day. « covid.house

27 may 2020 » day 74 for me & the kids; day 71 for TheWife

up around 630…ish. (there may have been some snoozing.)

into the office for 0830 standup. had a bit of a “diverted” morning, that started when i discovered the water cooler in my office was leaking all over the floor. that took an annoyingly long time to take care of. the cooler is presently out in the garage, and now that i’m fully aware of how much space it was taking up, that may just be its new home. we shall see.

some meetings and such rounded out the morning.

spent most of the afternoon writing up a proposal for a potential new engagement. it was slow going but i eventually got done enough to share with coworkers. hopefully shipping it tomorrow.

at some point while i was working on that, we crossed a line: there are now over 100,000 confirmed dead in the united states due to covid-19. actually, as tpm points out, that’s only counting the deaths recorded as being due to covid-19, and is likely a significant undercount of the true excess mortality due to the pandemic.

a sad day.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover pizza