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3 jun 2020 » day 81 for me & the kids; day 78 for TheWife

meta: today was the first day i forgot to write up an entry and post it before going to bed. 81 days is not a bad streak, i guess?

i woke up around 5am and had about an hour of free-floating anxiety around the idea that i need to get my driver’s license renewed some time in the next two weeks, which means going to the DMV. or i guess letting my driver’s license expire.

pretty normal day. had some calls. did some qa work on a pwa we’re building for a partner.

wrote a little blog post in the evening, then did some doomscrolling before bed. (i think writing the blog post ticked off the “write something” checkbox in my mind, which led to me forgetting to post this entry.)

lunch: sandwich

dinner: delivery pizza