pressure washer goes rrrrrrrr «

4 jun 2020 » day 82 for me & the kids; day 79 for TheWife

got what felt like a really good night of sleep. did not wake up at 5am to be anxious about having to leave the house; instead, slept until my alarm went off and woke up quickly and got up and got moving. go me!

had a couple calls and did a little bit of work, but then i broke for lunch and …kinda didn’t come back.

instead, i took a bit of a nap, and then i put together my new pressure washer, and took it out for a spin. my first target was our three green yard waste bins. since they get emptied on thursday, and the yard crew comes on friday and usually fills them right back up, they had accumulated pretty good mats of rotting grass in the bottom. one of them in particular recently passed the “full pit toilet” stage and was approaching “downwind from an oklahoma feed lot” levels of stink. i cleaned out all three of them! go me!

following that i washed off the front deck and the front walk. y’all, we have lived here for five years now, and today was the day i learned the front concrete walk has a pebbled texture on the top of it. before that, all the void space between the pebbles was filled in with dirt and moss and it just looked like flat concrete that was abnormally pitted. crazy.

i still have the back walks and my office deck to wash, but since it was pushing 5pm, i stopped and put stuff away and drained hoses and so on, and then i sat out on my office deck and had a beer. (yard work gets beer. it is a rule.) and then i took a shower.

after dinner i looked at the hellsite and pretty much lost all the chill i had built up by playing hokey this afternoon, kinda as one does these days. headed to bed sad and angry.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: cheese enchiladas, black beans