that most humpy of days «

10 jun 2020 » day 88 for me & the kids; day 85 for TheWife

managed to oversleep and miss my standup meeting again. this is embarrassing when you’re supposed to be the one running the standup meeting.

not a super productive day. didn’t manage to assemble a whole lot of focus. had one long call with a partner team, which was good, but never really hit the stride “doing stuff”.

hack salem virtual meeting in the evening. this one was only me and two other people. folks don’t seem to be digging the chat-based meetings, i guess. while i was hanging out chatting with folks, i also did some work to improve the accessibility of this site as well as and still have a little bit more to do, here and there.

baked some bread before bedtime. 11% protein in the dough this time; this is loaf #17. i should just give in and start that bread blog, right? …maybe this weekend.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: delivery pizza