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11 jun 2020 » day 89 for me & the kids; day 86 for TheWife

got woken up by a trash truck around 0530. got back to sleep for a little bit longer. this is how thursdays work in the summer: our bedroom windows face a short dead-end street the truck has to back down, and those folks start work early

routine work day: some calls, some jira kondo-ing. made some small a11y improvements to the company website, which made me happy.

quiet evening.

overall, getting a little annoyed with myself that i’m not working on PROJECT APOLLO. need to force myself to sit down and push past the annoying stuff that i don’t want to do, so i can get to the cool stuff i do want to do…

also: holy farking shirtballs 90 days of this. ninety. days.

lunch: leftover fried chicken taco and some microwave nachos

dinner: takeaway from venti’s