saturday the thirteenth «

13 jun 2020 » day 91 for me & the kids; day 88 for TheWife

woke up just in time to catch the call from the dmv. i now have an appointment to renew my license, at the end of july. that was the first one available. hopefully the pandemic isn’t still spiking by then. currently just glad i don’t need to stress about this for seven or so more weeks…

spent the morning doing computer maintenance chores, as one does. more work than usual this week since i converted all my repos from a default master branch to a default main branch.

talked to my mom for a bit. her and dad were supposed to come out here for some time at the coast and a visit with us soon, but they decided to cancel that. might see them in the fall; might see them in 2021. really glad they reached that decision on their own!

baked some bread in the afternoon. tried to get up the gumption to revisit PROJECT APOLLO, but it didn’t happen. maybe tomorrow? except tomorrow is supposed to be “pressure wash the back walk” day. hmm.

la marg takeaway for dinner, which was lovely. quiet evening after that mostly reading every tool’s a hammer, the autobiography of adam savage of mythbusters fame.

lunch: leftover pizza

dinner: the boyd burrito (chicken burrito with mole sauce)