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14 jun 2020 » day 93 for me & the kids; day 90 for TheWife

slept in a bit and finally got up around 10. had a late leisurely breakfast and then headed into my office to wrap up my weekly review.

after that, had a late lunch and then a nap.

had meant to spend a big chunk of the day pressure-washing stuff on the back part of the house, but it was pretty cool all day (i’m not sure we even broke 20°C) and i decided to try to focus on PROJECT APOLLO instead. i’m glad i did; i broke through my mental block around doing the authentication stuff i’d been avoiding. next up: figuring out the exact api endpoints and how they map onto the backend library. this should go quickly as it’s one of the parts that i find enjoyable.

bit of reading and then bed.

lunch: sandwich

dinner: leftover pizza