TheWife hits trip digits «

24 jun 2020 » day 102 for me & the kids; day 99 for TheWife

got up kinda early, for Isolation Time. TheWife took the day off, so she slept in.

routine work day. several calls. timeboxed work on 3 or 4 different, mostly internal, projects.

also timeboxed some work on both PROJECT APOLLO and PROJECT FOAMY. hit a milestone with the latter. i should probably write up a blog entry with some pictures — trying to decide if i want to go straight into phase 2 or live with phase 1 for a bit and see how it works out.

quiet evening. sat out on the porch for a while; tried to catch some stray dogs and failed, and then a while later directed a person looking for them into the direction i saw them run. hoping the doggos and their person connect up!

lunch: charcuterie plate featuring some lovely salami and aged chedder sent by a good friend

dinner: chicken caesar