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25 jun 2020 » day 103 for me & the kids; day 100 for TheWife

started off the day with an 0700 potential client call, which was fine, but ugh, having to be “on” that early in the day is pretty draining, especially in these troubled times.

otherwise, mostly routine day. had a few more meetings and in-between those, timeboxed some work on three or four different things (including PROJECT APOLLO). feeling pretty good about my current approach with the latter, which is basically doing one endpoint plus associated tests every day.

got hot again late in the afternoon. ordered pizza for dinner, mainly because the thought of figuring out something to cook was simply too much. after dinner, baked some bread, drank a beer or two on the porch, and then called it a night pretty early.

lunch: finished off the last of the leftover tacos

dinner: pepperoni and roasted garlic